Another great animated music video to watch

Luna de Moon Directed by Scott Nolan
Music by Back Back Forward Punch
5 minutes, 2008, Australia



Vantage Point movie review, new on Blu-Ray

Rosie reviews Vantage Point, he doesn’t actually talk too much about the plot, but the review is very, very funny.

When the president is shot in front of a crowd of hundreds and on live TV, it is up to a small group of key witnesses to piece together their unique perspectives on the events leading up to the shooting in order to uncover the assassin and prevent, perhaps, an even more deadly plot about to unfold.  Vantage Point offers the audience a look at each of these witnesses’ own accounts to try to piece together for themselves who might really be behind the chaotic scene, with each version revealing new clues and insights about what happened in the moments right before and after the attack.  Read review here

New High-Def Video, Gutterbottom Blues by The Blaire Reinheld Band

An artsy songstress tries to seductively serenade a man in dirty New York City subway in  The Blaire Reinheld Band’s music video Gutterbottom Blues. The video is Directed by Ben Donnellon

Watch in HD here

Film Review of Wanted starring Angelina Jolie

Check out Alan’s new review of Wanted here. He raises some very interesting points!

Wanted is a shocker.  I mean a real, legitimate shocker.  Now, you’re probably awaiting the punch line, but I do mean it.  While the film has some big time problems one thing is clear-director Timur Bekmambetov of Night Watch/Day Watch fame did an awesome job.  The budget on this film was somewhere around $70-$80 million but looks much more expensive.  This proper use of budget is truly evident when Wanted is compared to its big-budget brethren, such as this summer’s Iron Man or The Incredible Hulk.  Those films had budgets that were nearly double that of Wanted, yet felt cheaper, more video-gamish.  Wanted has a great look to it and some really fun action sequences-mindless and offensively stupid mind you, but fun action sequences.  The visual effects alone make Wanted worth seeing and the acting, considering the material, is actually okay.  So, good job Timur Read the rest of the review here

gASOLINE, Music for Film

gASOLINE’s music is available for film- this is a fantastic band from Virginia Beach, VA (definitely one of the new meccas for great indie bands)  Find out more about gASOLINE and potential music collaboration for film here

Advance movie review for Traitor starring Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce

Gerald evaluates “Traitor” which is being released tomorrow in theatres…

Traitor, is an excellent contemporary espionage drama. The story about bombings and terrorism could be ripped from the front pages of newspapers worldwide. Overall , the film has a solid impact via its focus on human values and CGI. Additionally, the film’s total absence of “spy gimmickry” is appreciated. The screenplay of Traitor is written by Director Jeffrey Nachmanoff. Nachmanoff, who is also the screenwriter of The Day After Tomorrow, can boast about his strong scripting and directing. Read more here

Film Composer, Axiom- Epic Orchestral Music

Today we are writing about some VERY UNIQUE music for film that is now available if you contact the artist directly.  Axiom composes epic orchestral metal. This is a genre of music that may be difficult to find or locate elsewhere.

This music is very well suited for an epic type film, especially something involving battle.  Read more and find out contact information about Axiom