Stargate Atlantis-Seven Reasons It Sucks by Cherie

What is wrong with these Stargate people?  Oh come on, every now and again you ask yourself the same question.  It is puzzling that Stargate Atlantis has made it to 100 episodes.  More to the point is namely the bewilderment that is the entire Stargate Universe.  I love science-fiction, but Stargate just needs to go and in the process, hopefully make way for some other more deserving science-fiction.  Read the rest of this article here


Hard-Hitting Music Video from Valley of The Dead

Our Wheels Are in Rotation

Our Wheels Are in Rotation

Today’s Music Video find is Valley of The Dead from Sweden.   Their song “Our Wheels are in Rotation” is sharp and hard-hitting. Watch the video here

SPEkTR-Things that go bump in the night-HD Animated Music Video

SPEkTR has an Animated High-Definition Music Video treat for you.  Check it out in full HD resolution!  This is a very, very cool video. Watch it here

“What SPEkTR are composing, is something that uses elements of rock,
surf, electronics, vocal stylings, so that it’s rock music. But not the
characteristic rock ‘n’ roll that people associate with film-soundtracks
today, it’s actually an older school….but with a futurist ambition”
– David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine

Brooklyn by Project Jenny Project Jan

Fun, animated music video by Project Jenny Project Jan.  You’ll be humming it!

In late 2005, Project Jenny, Project Jan released their first self-titled EP and offered the mp3s up free-and-legal on their site.  The press took notice, calling it a “shockingly dynamic, danceable, and hilarious affair” (Billboard) and “incomparable” (Deli Magazine). WATCH VIDEO HERE


Directed by: Spike Lee
Running time: 2 hrs. 40 mins.
Release date: September 26, 2008
Genre: Drama, War and Adaptation
Distributor: Buena Vista Pictures
MPAA Rating: R

Miracle at St. Anna is based on the 2003 novel by James McBride with the same title. Spike Lee’s fictional movie based on true events, tells the story of four African American soldiers of U.S. Army 92nd Infantry Division in Tuscany, Italy during World War II. Read the rest of the review here

More great music for film- Lake Lustre

Lake Lustre is emotional cinematic experimental music for film.  They say we are “open to collaboration, music being used in film, or even the creation of a music video. let’s talk!”

Find out more and listen to Lake Lustre, here

Cherie Tackles Smallville Season 8-Odyssey

“Here is what you need to know” is really appropriate here-Smallville has been on the air too long. The ratings are basically awful as the show sits near the bottom of all network shows and the formula has just been done to death. The season opener tries to “reboot” the series as numerous characters have fled, I mean left, the show. Gone are Lux Luther played by Michael Rosenbaum, Lionel Luthor played by John Glover, Kara (aka Supergirl) played by Laura Vandervoort and long time Smallville staple Lana Lang played by Kristen Kreuk. Read more here.