Life on Mars (Reprocessed, Canned US Version)-Cherie Gives You Her Thoughts

Cherie was looking forward to Life on Mars. Read her review and see what she thinks of this British import. Read her entire review here.

I appreciate the effort, but again, something just doesn’t click. Life on Mars is a strange show because it does a lot right, but comes off feeling as though it is out of step somehow.

Life on Mars-US Version

Life on Mars-The Original BBC Version


South Park-The China Problem-It is About Time! Review by Alan

Alan reviews South Park episode “The China Problem” with some biting results.  Read Alan’s entire review right here.

All of this is great and good, but the reason that I felt compelled, very compelled, nay I say driven, to write a review of the South Park-“The China Problem”, is that finally someone in the mainstream media smacked around George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.  It was truly fantastic to see Lucas and Spielberg called out for their systematic abuse of valued intellectual properties such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  It was simply great.  Perhaps this will begin shifting the fanboys away from the notion that they have to worship these two extremely undeserving and overrated directors.  About damn time.

CHANGELING-directed by Clint Eastwood-Reviewed by Gerald

Check out Gerald’s review of Changeling directed by Clint Eastwood.

Actor, director, producer, writer, composer and musician Clint Eastwood’s newest project is a film based on the actual facts and true story Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie), a telephone operator and single mother in 1928 Los Angeles who returns home from work to find her 9 year old son Walter missing. It’s a movie about corrupt cops, an egotistical preacher and a serial killer.  Read the entire review here.


You may have missed the horror flick Quarantine, but not to worry, Stephanie has a review!

Director John Erick Dowdle doesn’t use the typical tactics to scare his audience.  There is no sinister music, no cats jumping out of corners.  Just the use of a hand held camera a la the hit The Blair Witch Project.  And the use of night vision hasn’t been this scary since Silence of the Lambs.  Your feet will be up on the seat and nail biting will ensue.  The interior of the apartment building adds to the creepiness.  Not your standard, cookie cutter decoration.

HDFEST NYC-Most Shows Sold Out or Near Capacity

HDFEST NYC recently came to a close with all shows either sold out or near capacity.   All projects orginated in high-defintion and were screened in high-defintion at The Sony Wonder Technology Lab.  Many filmmakers were in attendance and were kind enough to discuss their works with our inquisitive audiences.  Check the HDFEST website for updates about other upcoming HDFEST events as well as a HDFEST NYC wrap-up.  Click here for

Eleventh Hour-Cherie Review for New CBS Show

Cherie reviews Eleventh Hour, the new CBS Show that is attempting to fill that X-Files void.

Eleventh Hour isn’t too much to get excited about. This review, could in fact, be really short. I could just write, “X-Files Wanna Be” and be done with the whole affair, but that wouldn’t cut it. Read the entire review here.

Flyboys-Don’t Bet the Farm on Flyboys-Alan Review

Alan has some interesting observations on the big-budget WWI film “Flyboys.”  You may not have heard of Flyboys, but as Alan points out, it had a big-budget.  Read what he thinks of it here.

Flyboys tells the story of a group of American volunteers who sign up to be fighter pilots in the Lafayette Escadrille in France during WWI, you remember WWI, it was the war that was going to end all wars.  Never again would national wealth and lives be wasted on such endeavors, well, it sounds good anyway.