Looking for some good animation, Gerald reviews a new flick that might be what you are looking for, just click here to read the entire review.

If you are a person who enjoys philosophical anime with a dash of a David Lynch style postmodernism filmmaking, you will get a kick out of this Japanese submission for the 2008 award list. This is not your average childish anime, but a complex adult arthouse movie that will leave you thinking once the film concludes. It moved me in a mysteriously good way.


The Robot Reviews-Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Film for Theaters

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Before committing to what would be approximately 4.7 seconds of processing and contemplation, I decided to watch the first of the eleven Aqua Teen Hunger Force films as a test run.
In a word the world of Aqua Teen Hunger Force is about confusion, attention deficit disorder, crude humor and cocky arrogant writers who are not as innovative, humorous or talented as they believe themselves to be.  This last point is wildly apparent; however, what is also wildly apparent is that Aqua Teen Hunger Force is entertaining, off-beat, witty and funny, just not to the degree that the self-indulging humans that created this quirky work believe it to be.

Gerald Tackles Frost/Nixon (No not Cynthia Nixon-Tricky Dick)

Interested in that Frost-Nixon interview? Why there is an entire film dedicated to the subject now. Click here to learn more.

This absorbing film not only re-creates the on air interview, but gives a backstory of the behind the scenes schemes of both parties to make their mark in the public’s eye. Michael Sheen’s performance as Frost brilliantly portrays a man who is no less revealing of his toughness and pertinacity than of Frank Langella’s outstanding performance of an ex-president’s elusiveness.

Gerald Reviews The Punisher: War Zone 2008

Gerald has a few thoughts for you on the attempted “reboot” of The Punisher.  Why do you need to “reboot” a francise that was just launched a couple of years ago?  Click here to read the full review.

I’m not a comic reader or an action hero fan; however, I enjoyed the dynamics of this cinematic thriller. It is reminiscent of Warren Beatty’s Dick Tracy with a dash of McGuyver (using any item to make a weapon) thrown in. This movie is for an action hero comic book enthusiast who wants to see the hero the big screen.

Its Time for Part Two of Barry’s A Very Special Movie and Television Special List

Its time for part two of Barry’s Holiday favorites, check it out right here.

Here is a bit of what Barry has to say about Miracle on 34th street.

An eccentric, but jolly old man believes himself to be Santa, and in doing so, takes upon himself the familiar responsibilities, which logically, leads to his inevitable incarceration at the local mental health facility. This sparks the ageless battle between the cynic and the believer that has continued through our generation’s X-Files.

The Look of Love-A Very Cute Animated Short

The Look of Love is a really cute animated short available at HDFEST by Lindsey Thompson, check it out.

Take a listen to composer Peter Davidson work

Composer Peter Davidson has composed dozens of episodes of television over the years, you’ve probably already heard his work. Take a listen.

Composer Peter Davidson at HDFEST Music

Composer Peter Davidson at HDFEST Music