Take a Listen to composer Juan Pablo Zaragoza

Juan Pablo has a variety of compositions that work with varied moods.  His work is well-crafted and often strikes a peaceful tone.  Give a listen here.



Check Out some new tunes at HDFEST Music-Daniel Solomon

As soon as you listen to Daniel Solomon’s music you can tell he has been focused on developing his musical talents for a very long time-it shows in his work.  Check out his page at HDFEST today.  Click here to take a listen.



Check out Daniel Solomons Page at HDFEST Music

Check out Daniel Solomon's Page at HDFEST Music

New Music at HDFEST-Mass Echo-Sounds Great With Headphones!

Mass Echo sounds great in headphones.  This rich and complex music is clearly the work of some people who want to pull their listeners in-but don’t take my word for it-take a listen right here.


Great new music from Rayna now at HDFEST

Take a listen to Rayna’s new offerings at HDFEST.  We think you’ll agree she has a great voice!  Empty Room is just one of her great tracks now available.  Click here to take a listen!



Rayna musician-at HDFEST Music

New Music at HDFEST Music-Listen to Elisabeth Szwarc

Start off the New Year with some great music from Elisabeth Szwarc.  Elisabeth Szwarc has an amazing voice.  But don’t take our word for it, check out her song “need” by clicking here.



Elisabeth Swarc at HDFEST Music Pro

Elisabeth Szwarc at HDFEST Music Pro

Take a listen to composer Peter Davidson work

Composer Peter Davidson has composed dozens of episodes of television over the years, you’ve probably already heard his work. Take a listen.

Composer Peter Davidson at HDFEST Music

Composer Peter Davidson at HDFEST Music

The Hippy Love Gods

Need some psychodelic tunes? Oh you know you do. Check out The Hippy Love Gods, they are interested in chatting with indie filmmakers that are needing tunes. Click here to have a listen.