Check Out This Super-Cool High-Definition Music Video Minimalmans-March

You have to check out this animated music video-its really cool and its in High-Definition.  Click to enjoy in HD.



Great Animated Music Video from As In RebekkaMaria

The animation was to begin with made as a short film with musicsequences and some sound effects. It was about 1 minute longer than now as a music video. We did it at the Kolding Academy of Design in Denmark. The characters are made out of fimo clay and and the background built with paper, plastic, sticks and bottlecaps.  Click here to check it out.


Want to see a really innovative animated music video? Take a look at Holiday Live by The Boggs

Holiday Live by The Boggs is a really innovative animated music video that should lift you up if you are feeling a little blue.  Click here to watch.



Check out this really cool animation Dandelion

Dandelion is a great looking animated short with a lot of heart, check it out here.


Amy is a little girl who can’t accept her grandfather’s passing away. Her grandfather always taught her, ‘Life is like dandelions. They won’t disappear. They are just going to a new place to start a new life…’ These words are embedded in her heart, but she never notices that. However, while she keeps feeling sad of her grandfather’s death, these sentences give her infinite courage to release her mind.


Beautiful High-Definition Animated Short-Substantia Now Available. Check It Out!

Substantia is a wildly vivid and wildly imaginative short animation now on HDFEST that is in High-Definition too!  Check out this visually stunning piece by CLICKING HERE.


In a strange universe crossed by destructive meteors, heart-shaped planets wander alone, eternally. But in very rare occasions, coincidence (or fate) brings an encounter with a tear, and from it springs life, springs an eternal story. A story which is many stories. A story whose end is the beginning. It is life. It is Substantia.


There are some great new animations at HDFEST-One is Papiroplexia-And Its High-Definition Too!

Papiroplexia is one of the coolest animations you’ve likely seen in a long time…and it is in High-Definition!  Check it out!


El Hombre Tranquilo is a fun animation about a train wreck-just watch and see.

How can a train wreck be fun or funny?  Impossible you say.  Check out El Hombre Tranquilo by clicking here.



El Hombre Tranquilo online animation at HDFEST

El Hombre Tranquilo online animation at HDFEST