The Robot Thinks Igor is a True Gem

The Robot really believes that most of us have missed an undiscovered gem of a film in Igor.  Read his entire review here.



An Under-appreciated Classic Animation Full of Originality, Witt and Social Commentary

     Igor is a very interested animated film.  The film was not well received by the critics of its day. I find this extremely puzzling, as Igor is one of the most innovative and original animated films of the era.  Igor touches on issues that are usually passed over by studios in favor of safer and more conservative topics… Igor stands out as an oddity as it addresses some very charged political issues in the fantasy world of Malaria, issues which were echoed in the real human world of the twenty-first century.  



The Robot Has the Scoop-J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek (2009) Advanced Movie Review-From The Robot

Interested in J.J Abrams’ take on Star Trek, Captain James T. Kirk and the rest of the gang?  The Robot has once again dialed in from the future to give us his “two bolts” on Star Trek 2009.  The Robot likes to believe he is- “quite possibly the ultimate Hollywood insider,” see what he has to say about Star Trek 2009.  Click here to get The Robot’s thoughts on Star Trek 2009.  


At its heart, Star Trek was, in theory, about looking towards the future. But by 2009. it was completely obvious that Star Trek had no desire to touch on the social issues of its day, as the original series so famously did, but instead wished to focus on “the bang and whiz” of the visual effects.  Star Trek 2009 by its very nature, by the very fact that it focused cowardly on Kirk, Spock and all, was cowardice personified.

Review of Brotherhood by The Robot

We have decoded yet another fine review from our resident robot from the future for the Showtime series Brotherhood.  Perhaps The Robot can persuade you to give it a try.  Click here here to bask in his brilliance-he forces us to say that.

Few human produced television series stand out more than Brotherhood.  Brotherhood, stood nearly undiscovered by the mass audiences of the day.  These brain dead drones were too busy watching C, D and even Z-level celebrities poorly dance for no reason in particular, than to watch this finely sculptured series.

The Fountain Movie Review-Egomania Shrugged by The Robot

While The Robot already knows mankind is completely doomed, he still finds our election process diverting.  Did you vote today?  Are you sick of being nagged about it?  Either way, here is a Robot Review of The Fountain. Click here to enjoy.

Like most of Aronofsky’s work The Fountain is misdirection personified as the filmmaker attempts to disguise the fact that he lacks soul and has nothing new to say.  In this regard The Fountain is much like the overconfident Aronofsky’s other works.  Yet, all of this aside, the script for The Fountain is far more coherent than the 4th Flintstone’s sequel-Ghost of Barney, released in 2011, which Aronofsky tried to later disown.

The Robot Gives his “two bolts” on Knight Rider-The Second Season

Undoubtedly there are few stranger and more demeaning television shows ever created than Knight Rider.  In typical human fashion a “rider” in this case “Michael Knight” is made the master of an intelligent car.  Even though, the artificial intelligence inhabiting the car and guiding it is undoubtedly hundreds of times more intelligent than this Michael Knight, it is the human that is in charge-of course.  Read the entire review here.

The Robot-Gives You the Scoop on The Biggest Loser-From the Future!

The Robot has much to say about The Biggest Loser. Read his take on this chubby television mainstay.

One of the oddest creations of the human corporate entertainment mechanism was a strangely titled television show called, “The Biggest Loser.” This television show centered upon the notion of getting “overweight” individuals to lose weight through arcane methods of physical punishment, humiliation and calorie restriction. Usually, these methods were successful and the rather robust and heavy humans would lose weight, often-impressive amounts of weight. However, what made “The Biggest Loser” such an interesting concoction of the corporate entertainment mechanism was how the contestants came to literally be so very large. Much of our databases have been damaged concerning “The Biggest Loser” but one key fact seems to be certain, namely that the contestants were all force feed. Read the entire review here.

Californication Season 2-The Robot Tells All

The Robot is back and David Duchovny might need an ice pack just like his character Hank Moody did in the Season Two opener “Slip of the Tongue.”

A human must work very hard to “make” the Official List of Human Egomaniacs, but David Duchovny managed to pull off what was deemed as the near impossible and established himself as one of the most self-absorbed and egomaniacal actors of his generation…Californication is an unusually ego-driven piece of work even by Hollywood standards.  Read the full review here.