Take a Listen to composer Juan Pablo Zaragoza

Juan Pablo has a variety of compositions that work with varied moods.  His work is well-crafted and often strikes a peaceful tone.  Give a listen here.



Great Animated Music Video from As In RebekkaMaria

The animation was to begin with made as a short film with musicsequences and some sound effects. It was about 1 minute longer than now as a music video. We did it at the Kolding Academy of Design in Denmark. The characters are made out of fimo clay and and the background built with paper, plastic, sticks and bottlecaps.  Click here to check it out.


The Robot’s Movie Review of You Don’t Mess With the Zohan is Frank and Brutal

The Robot doesn’t really hold much back with his assessment of You Don’t Mess With the Zohan.  Read it here.


There is no doubt that You Don’t Mess with the Zohan gets worst as the film proceeds.  The first half of the film, while a bolt-rattling experience, is far superior to the second half.  By the end, the script has degenerated into such chaos that only a total fool would be entertained.




Yonkers Joe-A Brand New Review by Gerald

 Gerald has a new review of Yonkers Joe with Chazz Palminteri that he thinks is pretty good.  Read the entire review right here.


Yonkers Joe is an exciting and very sensitive dramedy. Director and writer Robert Celestino spins a tale of how a single father with a mentally challenged teenage son finds time to raise his son, play the horses, run rigged crap games, fix winning poker hands and pull off a Vegas scam. Although the film has quite a bit of action in the storyline, Yonkers Joe has an underlying compassionate theme that leaves the audience with a warm feeling. 


Want to see a really innovative animated music video? Take a look at Holiday Live by The Boggs

Holiday Live by The Boggs is a really innovative animated music video that should lift you up if you are feeling a little blue.  Click here to watch.



Check Out some new tunes at HDFEST Music-Daniel Solomon

As soon as you listen to Daniel Solomon’s music you can tell he has been focused on developing his musical talents for a very long time-it shows in his work.  Check out his page at HDFEST today.  Click here to take a listen.



Check out Daniel Solomons Page at HDFEST Music

Check out Daniel Solomon's Page at HDFEST Music

New Music at HDFEST-Mass Echo-Sounds Great With Headphones!

Mass Echo sounds great in headphones.  This rich and complex music is clearly the work of some people who want to pull their listeners in-but don’t take my word for it-take a listen right here.