Check Out This Super-Cool High-Definition Music Video Minimalmans-March

You have to check out this animated music video-its really cool and its in High-Definition.  Click to enjoy in HD.



Great Animated Music Video from As In RebekkaMaria

The animation was to begin with made as a short film with musicsequences and some sound effects. It was about 1 minute longer than now as a music video. We did it at the Kolding Academy of Design in Denmark. The characters are made out of fimo clay and and the background built with paper, plastic, sticks and bottlecaps.  Click here to check it out.


Want to see a really innovative animated music video? Take a look at Holiday Live by The Boggs

Holiday Live by The Boggs is a really innovative animated music video that should lift you up if you are feeling a little blue.  Click here to watch.



Visually Innovative Music Video-“Not in a Million Lovers”

The video shows the endless quest to find a partner, in a world where the search for the thrill of a new relationship is more exciting than really falling in love.

Check out this visually captivating, yes captivating, music video “Not In a Million Lovers” from Beangrowers. Check it out here.

SPEkTR-Things that go bump in the night-HD Animated Music Video

SPEkTR has an Animated High-Definition Music Video treat for you.  Check it out in full HD resolution!  This is a very, very cool video. Watch it here

“What SPEkTR are composing, is something that uses elements of rock,
surf, electronics, vocal stylings, so that it’s rock music. But not the
characteristic rock ‘n’ roll that people associate with film-soundtracks
today, it’s actually an older school….but with a futurist ambition”
– David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine

Brooklyn by Project Jenny Project Jan

Fun, animated music video by Project Jenny Project Jan.  You’ll be humming it!

In late 2005, Project Jenny, Project Jan released their first self-titled EP and offered the mp3s up free-and-legal on their site.  The press took notice, calling it a “shockingly dynamic, danceable, and hilarious affair” (Billboard) and “incomparable” (Deli Magazine). WATCH VIDEO HERE

Matthew Holleman,”Great Foundation” animated music video

This powerful and beautifully animated music video is directed by  Kieran Rynhart
This clip deals with the contrasts of death & life paradigms, isolation & human interconnection.
The story begins with a World War I styled pilot, who crash lands & is stranded in a desert wilderness. He begins a new journey. On his way he discovers & unifies other lost soldiers through music. They travel together to new living lands.