Batman: Gotham Knight-Six Awesome Little Tales

Batman: Gotham Knight is really six animated Batman shorts done by different directors with each having a different look.  Have I Got a Story for You, Crossfire, Field Test, In Darkness Dwells, Working Through Pain and Deadshot are the six chapters and there isn’t a weak spot in the bunch.  Read the entire review here.

Gotham Night

Batman: Gotham Night


New to Blu-Ray, 10,000 B.C Directed by Roland Emmerich

Fairly new to Blu-Ray is Roland Emmerich’s latest film, 10,000 B.C.    Barry generously braves through the movie for us…

I don’t know how, but I made it. Thirty minutes into it I almost bailed. I really did. But my thoughts dwelled upon the poor souls who may accidentally rent or purchase this film without reading my review first. I couldn’t let them down. It is my given mission, my destiny, to step up and take one for the team so they won’t have to. I gnashed my teeth, bared-down and endured.  Continue here

New to Blu-Ray DVD- Batman: Gotham Knight

Barry reviews the new Blu-Ray release “Batman: Gotham Knight” just in time for the second weekend of “The Dark Knight” (sure to be another huge success)

I was one of many unfortunate souls who did not adequately anticipate the magnitude of “Bat-Mania” during the opening weekend of “The Dark Knight”. Tickets were sold-out all weekend long at my local theatre, and I was left on the outside, clenched fists raised in unmitigated angst as I cursed at no one in particular, and in true supervillain fashion, swore vengeance against the legions of innocent, better-prepared bystanders.

But then I remembered that I had the new cartoon Batman DVD to watch at home, and somehow that made everything slightly better. Read the rest of the review here

Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd movie review… oz in the future?

Check out Rosie’s new review of Sweeney Todd

I’ve had a theory/prediction about Tim Burton for a long time now, one that I’ve so convinced myself to be true in the retelling of it over time that I sometimes forget it’s based on absolutely nothing at all except my own wanting it to be true. For some reason, several years ago, I got it in my head that his entire career path is leading directly towards a blockbuster remake of The Wizard of Oz, and that it will be the greatest film I’ve ever seen. Read Rosie’s review of Sweeney Todd here

Dan in Real Life on Blu-Ray

Dan in Real Life Movie Review

Check out Sara’s new review of “Dan in Real Life”

Blecch. Dan in Real Life is very blah. Let me just say, I love Steve Carrell. I loved him on The Daily Show, and I adore him in The Office. But I seem to have very lukewarm feelings about all of his films. To understand Carrell’s performance in Dan in Real Life , feel free to take Steve Carrell’s character Michael from The Office, make him really depressed to the point of being extremely uninteresting and then put him in a very big, also uninteresting, family. Voila! Let Dan in Real Life’s plot ensue… read the rest of the review here

NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS: A Second Rate Indiana Jones on Blu-Ray

Book of Secrets Movie Review

The first National Treasure with Nicholas Cage and company was an unexpected treat.  The film took its audience on a historical treasure hunt that was fun.  It was successful.  Not surprisingly, a sequel was made and National Treasure: Book of Secrets is the result.  Continue reading review here

Semi-Pro Movie Review- Now on Blu-Ray

Semi-Pro movie review

The first stage of grief is denial, and it’s a stage I’ve been in for a little while now when it comes to two of the stars of this movie.  Painfully, but perhaps for the best, Semi-Pro has finally forced me to accept the reality of the situation and face up to the two questions that, just a few years ago, I never would have believed I’d be asking myself but now are all too real:  Why is Will Ferrell still here, and why is Woody Harrelson not? Read rest of the review here