Dan in Real Life on Blu-Ray

Dan in Real Life Movie Review

Check out Sara’s new review of “Dan in Real Life”

Blecch. Dan in Real Life is very blah. Let me just say, I love Steve Carrell. I loved him on The Daily Show, and I adore him in The Office. But I seem to have very lukewarm feelings about all of his films. To understand Carrell’s performance in Dan in Real Life , feel free to take Steve Carrell’s character Michael from The Office, make him really depressed to the point of being extremely uninteresting and then put him in a very big, also uninteresting, family. Voila! Let Dan in Real Life’s plot ensue… read the rest of the review here


NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS: A Second Rate Indiana Jones on Blu-Ray

Book of Secrets Movie Review

The first National Treasure with Nicholas Cage and company was an unexpected treat.  The film took its audience on a historical treasure hunt that was fun.  It was successful.  Not surprisingly, a sequel was made and National Treasure: Book of Secrets is the result.  Continue reading review here

The Bucket List new on Blu-Ray

Check out Rosie’s review of The Bucket ListThe Bucket List on Blu-Ray

“Remember that big hit from a while ago that really finally broke down some walls to bring positive gay characters to the forefront of mainstream entertainment? Huh? No, that’s not it … You know, the one about those two best friends who always had some kind of quick-witted banter going back and forth, but also always shared their deepest secrets with each other and no one else? No! That’s the same one you just said and I already told you that’s not it. God, it’s right on the tip of my tongue …. ” continue reading