The Strangers-A Halloween Movie Review by Stephanie

Happy Halloween from all the ghosts and ghouls at HDFEST.

Check out Stephanie’s review of The Strangers and see if it fits into your late night Halloween plans.  The entire review is just a click away.

An unsuspecting couple are staying at a place that nobody can get to quickly.  Masked men and women lead them in a game of cat and mouse.  An axe is the weapon of choice.  But it is more psychological than graphic violence that scares.  The attackers just stalk their prey at a snail’s pace, leading the couple to do things they wouldn’t do normally.

The Strangers

The Strangers


Batman: Gotham Knight-Six Awesome Little Tales

Batman: Gotham Knight is really six animated Batman shorts done by different directors with each having a different look.  Have I Got a Story for You, Crossfire, Field Test, In Darkness Dwells, Working Through Pain and Deadshot are the six chapters and there isn’t a weak spot in the bunch.  Read the entire review here.

Gotham Night

Batman: Gotham Night

Movie review of Blu-Ray release “Doomsday”

The Robot reviews the terrible movie “Doomsday” which was recently released on Blu-Ray

I will admit that during my exploration of the human animal, I have found myself on rare occasions feeling regret at the demise of what more liberal minded robots call the “Creator Species.”  Then I process a “film” the likes of Doomsday and this regret evaporates. Read more of review here

New to Blu-Ray, 10,000 B.C Directed by Roland Emmerich

Fairly new to Blu-Ray is Roland Emmerich’s latest film, 10,000 B.C.    Barry generously braves through the movie for us…

I don’t know how, but I made it. Thirty minutes into it I almost bailed. I really did. But my thoughts dwelled upon the poor souls who may accidentally rent or purchase this film without reading my review first. I couldn’t let them down. It is my given mission, my destiny, to step up and take one for the team so they won’t have to. I gnashed my teeth, bared-down and endured.  Continue here

New Review by The Robot- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles-It’s A Small Wonder!

New on Blu-Ray is Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV Show.

I have often been rather annoyed with human entertainment.  If you have processed other reviews and commentaries I have written then you know that I am perplexed by human entertainment.  However, on rare occasion I find myself more puzzled or “stumped” than usual.  Take for example the strange tale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  What a strange thing indeed.  Why would any studio executive, even a human one, take a massively profitable and well-known commodity such as Terminator and turn it into an hour-long family drama?  This is exactly what executives at FOX did with this amazingly valuable entity. Read the rest of The Robot’s review here

New on Blu-Ray Transformers “Special Edition”

Rosie’s review on Transformers The Movie is truly classic

Wow.  That … was … awesome!  I actually think I may still be a little bit in shock, but I’m just too giddy to rest.  I mean, obviously it sucked, but it sucked so absolutely perfectly that it was breathtaking.  Honestly, I never thought I’d live to see anything like this.  This was Sandy Koufax’s perfect game.  It was the perennially annoying ’72 Dolphins perfect season.  It was Pet Sounds and The White Album put together.  This was, in fact, the perfect height of the big-budget, big-studio, corporate Hollywood summer mega-movie.  As backhanded a compliment as that may sound, you really do have to see it sometime just to appreciate the significance of it.  This movie did not just have a lot of lazy one-dimensional characters, recycled plot points, hacky dialogue, contrived settings, loud explosions and seizure-inducing, flashy effects – it had ALL of them.  I mean it, every one of them ever created in movie history!  Anyone who thinks the writing or production of this movie was just another lazy Hollywood blockbuster just wasn’t paying attention.  This movie was an homage to lazy Hollywood blockbusters.  In the entire two and a half hours of this film, there was not a single, solitary second of original content.  You don’t think someone absolutely had to go out of their way to fit all those pieces together? Read more of the review here

Vantage Point movie review, new on Blu-Ray

Rosie reviews Vantage Point, he doesn’t actually talk too much about the plot, but the review is very, very funny.

When the president is shot in front of a crowd of hundreds and on live TV, it is up to a small group of key witnesses to piece together their unique perspectives on the events leading up to the shooting in order to uncover the assassin and prevent, perhaps, an even more deadly plot about to unfold.  Vantage Point offers the audience a look at each of these witnesses’ own accounts to try to piece together for themselves who might really be behind the chaotic scene, with each version revealing new clues and insights about what happened in the moments right before and after the attack.  Read review here