Gilbert Neal- new music for filmmakers

Music available for filmmakers and producers- Gilbert Neal- The music sounds like “Stevie Wonder has a child with Steely Dan” Makes you want to listen right away, doesn’t it?

Check the music out and find out more here


Movie Review of Strength and Honor

Directed by: Mark Mahon
Running time: 98 minutes
Release date: 2007 (Ireland), NYIIFVF Premiere September 21, 2008 (USA)
Genre: Drama, Foreign and Action

The tagline on this tough yet tender Irish movie is “the battle of good versus evil.” This is a story of a single father, who once was a professional boxer. He decides to break his dying wife’s last wish to not fight again after accidently killing his opponent in the ring. Only the love for his son could make him go back on his word. Read more of the review here

Matthew Holleman,”Great Foundation” animated music video

This powerful and beautifully animated music video is directed by  Kieran Rynhart
This clip deals with the contrasts of death & life paradigms, isolation & human interconnection.
The story begins with a World War I styled pilot, who crash lands & is stranded in a desert wilderness. He begins a new journey. On his way he discovers & unifies other lost soldiers through music. They travel together to new living lands.


HDFEST Music in Film networking in NYC- “Music in Film- Its Evolving”

The K2 Lounge at the RMA Museum

6pm-10pm, Friday October 17th

“Music in Film- It’s Evolving!”

Filmmaker- Musician Networking Party/ HDFEST Festival Kick-Off Party

This networking party will introduce musicians and composers to filmmakers looking for music for their movies.  Or even if you aren’t looking to collaborate on movie soundtracks, come have a drink and enjoy HDFEST’s 2008 kick-off party.

Location: K2 Lounge, RUBIN MUSEUM OF ART

150 West 17th Street

Manhattan, NYC


(this means you must buy a ticket to one of HDFEST’s screenings that weekend to attend or you must be a member of HDFEST Music)

Register here to attend

Buy Tickets to one of HDFEST’s Film Festival Screenings that weekend (only $10)

Happy Hour featuring 2-for-1 cocktail specials (6:00 – 7:00 p.m)

Free admission to the galleries , DJ spinning global sounds

HDFEST’s inaugural Musician and Filmmaker Networking Event

All filmmakers and producers will receive a guidebook with HDFEST Music’s composers, bands and musicians who are interested in getting their music into film and tv

Cocktails, wine and beer as well as light Asian fare will be available from the bar.

Review of Fringe television show

Cherie reviews the new tv show Fringe from JJ Abrams. The opening episode had a 10 million dollar budget!

Fringe will not blow your mind and I don’t think you can walk away feeling that FOX received  $10 million dollars worth of bang for the first episode, but Fringe still delivers.  Most science-fiction junkies will probably feel that Fringe is a welcomed blast from the past.  What past?  Of well, the X-Files past of course, what else?  But not to worry, Fringe borrows from just about everyone in sight, yet does manage to weave an engrossing enough tale.  Read more here

New Review by The Robot- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles-It’s A Small Wonder!

New on Blu-Ray is Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV Show.

I have often been rather annoyed with human entertainment.  If you have processed other reviews and commentaries I have written then you know that I am perplexed by human entertainment.  However, on rare occasion I find myself more puzzled or “stumped” than usual.  Take for example the strange tale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  What a strange thing indeed.  Why would any studio executive, even a human one, take a massively profitable and well-known commodity such as Terminator and turn it into an hour-long family drama?  This is exactly what executives at FOX did with this amazingly valuable entity. Read the rest of The Robot’s review here

Cheveux Dangereux music video for David Fenech

In the top of empty hills, birds are flying and a big man is waiting.  this short animation film by Benoît Guillaume illustrates David Fenech’s “Cheveux Dangereux” song.

Watch video here