Check Out This Slick, Well-Produced Electronic Music From Satine

Satine has some hypnotic tunes in store for you.  Try listening to Iron Gum with headphones, its worth the click.  Check it out here.


Why Not Take A Listen to Matthias Strum?

Sturm’s vocal execution and lyrical metaphoric contrast is remeniscent of Roger Waters more recent work…P.N.G. label management

Gilbert Neal- new music for filmmakers

Music available for filmmakers and producers- Gilbert Neal- The music sounds like “Stevie Wonder has a child with Steely Dan” Makes you want to listen right away, doesn’t it?

Check the music out and find out more here

Amanda Baker- Soul, Rock, Modern, Woodstock music for film

New great music for film is now presented on the  HDFEST site- Amanda Baker.  The vocal beauty of joni mitchell, the soul of Joss Stone and the bite of Janis Joplin

Outline of compensation details for filmmakers:

•Willing to compose new music for films
•All music rights available for purchase
•Contact me for pricing

More information about Amanda Baker can be found here

More great music for film- Lake Lustre

Lake Lustre is emotional cinematic experimental music for film.  They say we are “open to collaboration, music being used in film, or even the creation of a music video. let’s talk!”

Find out more and listen to Lake Lustre, here

Downtempo music for film- The Travellers

The Travellers is now offering music for film. Their brand of music is “unique alternative downtempo music.”

In a collaboration with a filmmaker, The Travellers are willing to contribute music for film festival and promotional usage. Find out more about this great band here

Karissa, Music for Film (Alternative Dance, Pop Genre)

Innovative Musical artist Karissa is now offering her music for films.  Her recent release Shades of Green is amazing. Listen to clips, and learn how to contact the artist here