Film Review of Wanted starring Angelina Jolie

Check out Alan’s new review of Wanted here. He raises some very interesting points!

Wanted is a shocker.  I mean a real, legitimate shocker.  Now, you’re probably awaiting the punch line, but I do mean it.  While the film has some big time problems one thing is clear-director Timur Bekmambetov of Night Watch/Day Watch fame did an awesome job.  The budget on this film was somewhere around $70-$80 million but looks much more expensive.  This proper use of budget is truly evident when Wanted is compared to its big-budget brethren, such as this summer’s Iron Man or The Incredible Hulk.  Those films had budgets that were nearly double that of Wanted, yet felt cheaper, more video-gamish.  Wanted has a great look to it and some really fun action sequences-mindless and offensively stupid mind you, but fun action sequences.  The visual effects alone make Wanted worth seeing and the acting, considering the material, is actually okay.  So, good job Timur Read the rest of the review here


Elegy movie review, new film starring Ben Kingsley

ELEGY is a drama set in New York City. It is based on the short novel “The Dying Animal” by Pulitzer Prize winner Phillip Roth. This film stars Sir Ben Kingsley as “baby-boomer era” David Kepesh who is a cultural critic and college professor. The story charts the passionate love affair between Kepesh and his young and beautiful Cuban – American graduate student, Consuela Castillo (Penelope Cruz).  Read the rest of the review here

The Dark Knight movie review, “The Dark Knight-Rides Once More To Protect The Rich”

Alan just wrote a new review for The Dark Knight, and gives it a C+. Read his review here.

Wow.  The wow is referencing how shocked I am by the consistently awesome reviews of The Dark Knight that are floating all around right me now.  Many may read this review and say, “this guy is a negative jerk that just wants to go against the grain simply because he wants to show what a free thinker he is.”  Honest to God that is not the deal here.  I wanted to be as blown away as I was supposed to be, but it just didn’t happen.  Alright then, that said, The Dark Knight isn’t bad, its just not that great either.  Sorry, the latest Batman incarnation is not that great.  It does appear that, to some extent, a success con is being pulled- making people believe this film is a masterpiece before they even hit the seats.  Read the rest of the review here