Two-Minutes Away From Launch-Fun HD Animation from Singapore

In a world where manta rays and moray eels roam the skies freely, and everything anybody wants is transported by catapult-delivery, birds have seemingly lost their foothold. Or have they? One pigeon, Einstein, decides that it’s high time birdkind took to the skies…In the end, Einstein comes close to success, but was it really worth the effort for such a seemingly easy task for a bird? Click Here to Watch.


Pollinator-A Great HD Animation Available at HDFEST

Pollinator is a really innovative high-definition animation available now at HDFEST.  Click here to check it out.

Pollinator is a short 3D animation exploring universal themes of rejuvenation, symbiosis, significance, conception and mortality. It adapts Buddhist concepts to give the audience a privileged experience of a mythic event. Based in a silent world of mist and rock, Pollinator evocatively plays with scale and atmosphere, offering an exotic and immersive cinematic experience.  WATCH NOW.

SPEkTR-Things that go bump in the night-HD Animated Music Video

SPEkTR has an Animated High-Definition Music Video treat for you.  Check it out in full HD resolution!  This is a very, very cool video. Watch it here

“What SPEkTR are composing, is something that uses elements of rock,
surf, electronics, vocal stylings, so that it’s rock music. But not the
characteristic rock ‘n’ roll that people associate with film-soundtracks
today, it’s actually an older school….but with a futurist ambition”
– David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine

Another great animated music video to watch

Luna de Moon Directed by Scott Nolan
Music by Back Back Forward Punch
5 minutes, 2008, Australia


New HD Animation- The Lighthouse by Sam Bradley

In this new fantastic High-Definition animation, a hapless robot tries to keep the lights from going out inside a lighthouse

Check the movie out here

New amazing high-res animations- Street Musician and Emily in the Clouds

Online animation

Street Musician
Directed by Sooyan Jang

Summary:The story is about an old street musician who wants to be famous and loved as a violin player. One day, when the old man is sad, somebody comes to him and gives him an elixir. The elixir gives the person who drinks it a power to attain his/her desire in exchange for the one most important possession he or she owns. The old man agonizes whether or not to drink it or not, but he succumbs to the temptation. He drinks it and then…


High-res animation online

Emily in the Clouds
Directed by Clayton Mitchell

Summary:Emily is playing in the rain and enjoys every drop of it. Suddenly a bright sun chases the rainy clouds off the sky changing her greyish and muddy playground into a colorful and shiny day.


New HD animation “Nightfall” from German filmmaker Valentin Schwind

HD Video Download

Nightfall” is a private film production without any commercial benefits. Story and visual elements created by Valentin Schwind.