Batman: Gotham Knight-Six Awesome Little Tales

Batman: Gotham Knight is really six animated Batman shorts done by different directors with each having a different look.  Have I Got a Story for You, Crossfire, Field Test, In Darkness Dwells, Working Through Pain and Deadshot are the six chapters and there isn’t a weak spot in the bunch.  Read the entire review here.

Gotham Night

Batman: Gotham Night


SPEkTR-Things that go bump in the night-HD Animated Music Video

SPEkTR has an Animated High-Definition Music Video treat for you.  Check it out in full HD resolution!  This is a very, very cool video. Watch it here

“What SPEkTR are composing, is something that uses elements of rock,
surf, electronics, vocal stylings, so that it’s rock music. But not the
characteristic rock ‘n’ roll that people associate with film-soundtracks
today, it’s actually an older school….but with a futurist ambition”
– David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine

Hi-Def music video “Skate with Me”

Summary: Dgenerate Nation is the hip pop project from Los Angeles based producer Dgenetics with emcees Khalil (aka Slim Pup) and Sim Black. This music video for their single ‘Skate with Me’ follows Dgenetics on a typical day on the grind.


New Review by The Robot- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles-It’s A Small Wonder!

New on Blu-Ray is Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV Show.

I have often been rather annoyed with human entertainment.  If you have processed other reviews and commentaries I have written then you know that I am perplexed by human entertainment.  However, on rare occasion I find myself more puzzled or “stumped” than usual.  Take for example the strange tale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  What a strange thing indeed.  Why would any studio executive, even a human one, take a massively profitable and well-known commodity such as Terminator and turn it into an hour-long family drama?  This is exactly what executives at FOX did with this amazingly valuable entity. Read the rest of The Robot’s review here

New high-def music video- “Witchdoctor” by Australia’s Little Red

The ‘school for wayward girls’ is an institution from a not-too-distant time when the state (and religious bodies) had more power to interfere in people’s lives. Young girls who fell outside society’s boundaries of acceptable behaviour were taken in by nuns who got them on the right path through hard labor and prayer. Nowadays, we would call them slots and send them off to Brat Camp with a Reality TV crew.

Watch this high-definition music video here