The Strangers-A Halloween Movie Review by Stephanie

Happy Halloween from all the ghosts and ghouls at HDFEST.

Check out Stephanie’s review of The Strangers and see if it fits into your late night Halloween plans.  The entire review is just a click away.

An unsuspecting couple are staying at a place that nobody can get to quickly.  Masked men and women lead them in a game of cat and mouse.  An axe is the weapon of choice.  But it is more psychological than graphic violence that scares.  The attackers just stalk their prey at a snail’s pace, leading the couple to do things they wouldn’t do normally.

The Strangers

The Strangers


Hi-Def music video “Skate with Me”

Summary: Dgenerate Nation is the hip pop project from Los Angeles based producer Dgenetics with emcees Khalil (aka Slim Pup) and Sim Black. This music video for their single ‘Skate with Me’ follows Dgenetics on a typical day on the grind.


New High-Def Video, Gutterbottom Blues by The Blaire Reinheld Band

An artsy songstress tries to seductively serenade a man in dirty New York City subway in  The Blaire Reinheld Band’s music video Gutterbottom Blues. The video is Directed by Ben Donnellon

Watch in HD here

Great new animated Hi-Def music video for Comfort Zone by Jake Lefco

This is one innovative high-def video for the rap song “Comfort Zone” by Jake Lefco.  Director Benjamin Ahr Harrison does a great job of blending live action and animation.

Watch High-Definition version of the video here

New high-def music video- “Witchdoctor” by Australia’s Little Red

The ‘school for wayward girls’ is an institution from a not-too-distant time when the state (and religious bodies) had more power to interfere in people’s lives. Young girls who fell outside society’s boundaries of acceptable behaviour were taken in by nuns who got them on the right path through hard labor and prayer. Nowadays, we would call them slots and send them off to Brat Camp with a Reality TV crew.

Watch this high-definition music video here

New High-Definition music video- “Down” by Anthem In

New High-Definition music video for the great band Anthem In. The song is entitled “Down.”

Watch the music video here

New HD Music video Orion “A Farewell”

Check out the new High-Definition music video on HDFEST for Orion’s song “A Farewell.”  The video for this great band, directed by Michael DeMattia, can be viewed here

This video will also be showcased at the HDFEST event in LA later this year.