Check Out This Super-Cool High-Definition Music Video Minimalmans-March

You have to check out this animated music video-its really cool and its in High-Definition.  Click to enjoy in HD.



City of Lights-Take a Wild High-Def Animated Ride!

City of Lights is a great animated short available in high-definition.  Check it out now. Well go on!

A city is growing towards the future, from abstract to stylistic.

Check Out “Why” A Short Film by Jason Moola

“Why” is  a short film by Jason Moola that has an awesome twist ending-you’ll just have to wait for it!  Watch now!

Why by Jason Moola

Why by Jason Moola

SPEkTR-Things that go bump in the night-HD Animated Music Video

SPEkTR has an Animated High-Definition Music Video treat for you.  Check it out in full HD resolution!  This is a very, very cool video. Watch it here

“What SPEkTR are composing, is something that uses elements of rock,
surf, electronics, vocal stylings, so that it’s rock music. But not the
characteristic rock ‘n’ roll that people associate with film-soundtracks
today, it’s actually an older school….but with a futurist ambition”
– David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine

Hi-Def music video “Skate with Me”

Summary: Dgenerate Nation is the hip pop project from Los Angeles based producer Dgenetics with emcees Khalil (aka Slim Pup) and Sim Black. This music video for their single ‘Skate with Me’ follows Dgenetics on a typical day on the grind.


New High-Def Video, Gutterbottom Blues by The Blaire Reinheld Band

An artsy songstress tries to seductively serenade a man in dirty New York City subway in  The Blaire Reinheld Band’s music video Gutterbottom Blues. The video is Directed by Ben Donnellon

Watch in HD here

New HD Music video Orion “A Farewell”

Check out the new High-Definition music video on HDFEST for Orion’s song “A Farewell.”  The video for this great band, directed by Michael DeMattia, can be viewed here

This video will also be showcased at the HDFEST event in LA later this year.