HDFEST 2009 High-Definition Film Festival Schedule Announced- Tickets on Sale

HDFEST New York is coming next month to New York City. Here are the details:

Venue: Theatre at Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Location: located at 56th Street and Madison Avenue in the Sony Plaza Public Arcade

Date: October 20th and 21st, Screenings 5pm-11pm

$12 per screening  (Tickets available on HDFEST website or at the door)

Festival contact email: admin@hdfest.com

Website: http://www.hdfest.com/festival.html

HDFEST New York Details: http://www.hdfest.com/hdfestnyc.html

The second event of the year is our West Coast event coming in December. More details about the December HDFEST event will be announced shortly.


Check Out This Super-Cool High-Definition Music Video Minimalmans-March

You have to check out this animated music video-its really cool and its in High-Definition.  Click to enjoy in HD.


City of Lights-Take a Wild High-Def Animated Ride!

City of Lights is a great animated short available in high-definition.  Check it out now. Well go on!

A city is growing towards the future, from abstract to stylistic.

Check Out “Why” A Short Film by Jason Moola

“Why” is  a short film by Jason Moola that has an awesome twist ending-you’ll just have to wait for it!  Watch now!

Why by Jason Moola

Why by Jason Moola

The Strangers-A Halloween Movie Review by Stephanie

Happy Halloween from all the ghosts and ghouls at HDFEST.

Check out Stephanie’s review of The Strangers and see if it fits into your late night Halloween plans.  The entire review is just a click away.

An unsuspecting couple are staying at a place that nobody can get to quickly.  Masked men and women lead them in a game of cat and mouse.  An axe is the weapon of choice.  But it is more psychological than graphic violence that scares.  The attackers just stalk their prey at a snail’s pace, leading the couple to do things they wouldn’t do normally.

The Strangers

The Strangers

High-Definition Music Video by Rory Nunn-“The Time Machine”

Check out this innovative high-def music video clip by Rory Dunn for “The Time Machine.”  Directed by Paul Stevenson.

Singing from the heart and delivering strong guitar songs with a soulful voice, there are no gimmicks in his music, whether live or on record. Inspired by the countryside, the horizon, and a million other people, places and things, his music and lyrics bring form and colour to scenes we have all witnessed but perhaps never described.  WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO HERE.

High-Definition Music Video-“Witchdoctor” by Little Red

The ‘school for wayward girls’ is an institution from a not-too-distant time when the state (and religious bodies) had more power to interfere in people’s lives. Young girls who fell outside society’s boundaries of acceptable behaviour were taken in by nuns who got them on the right path through hard labor and prayer. Nowadays, we would call them slots and send them off to Brat Camp with a Reality TV crew. WATCH IT HERE.