Hole in the Wall – review of television show by The Robot- “As If Pulled From A Idiocracy Sequel”

As the human epoch came to a close, so emerged Hole in the Wall.  Many robo-historians point to Hole in the Wall as symbolizing everything that was wrong with America, but truth be told, the show originated in Japan and was exported like some sort of Darwinian test to the rest of the world.  As if born out of the belly of an Idiocracy sequel, Hole in the Wall, a highly complex and involved game show with a series of complex goals, was designed to stimulate various different regions of the primitive human mind.  Read more here


New Review by The Robot- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles-It’s A Small Wonder!

New on Blu-Ray is Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV Show.

I have often been rather annoyed with human entertainment.  If you have processed other reviews and commentaries I have written then you know that I am perplexed by human entertainment.  However, on rare occasion I find myself more puzzled or “stumped” than usual.  Take for example the strange tale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  What a strange thing indeed.  Why would any studio executive, even a human one, take a massively profitable and well-known commodity such as Terminator and turn it into an hour-long family drama?  This is exactly what executives at FOX did with this amazingly valuable entity. Read the rest of The Robot’s review here

If only the Star Wars fans had read “I, George Lucas Hate Star Wars Geeks and Losers” by the Robot

The Robot (our resident Robot from the future) just wrote a hilarious new review of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

By the time that Star Wars: The Clone Wars had hit movie theaters in 2008 most humans had lost all faith in their childhood hero George Lucas.  Years of repeated slaps to their overweight faces, had left most Star Wars fans well aware that George Lucas hated them.  This belief on the part of fans was later confirmed when robo-archeologists discovered Lucas’s secret autobiography and other sensitive papers in his last home outside of Beijing.  Lucas did indeed hate Star Wars fans and with a passion that was tremendous by any human standard.  Read the rest of the review here