Coming to theatres Friday “Frozen River.” We have a movie review by Gerald- will this be a future Academy Award recipient?

Wow, Frozen River, written and directed by Courtney Hunt, really sounds like it has phenomenal acting. Read Gerald’s advance review of this new indie film (it comes out August 1st) here.

Frozen River is the story of two women from different worlds with similar desperate circumstances who are lured by fast money. They become involved in a plan to smuggle illegal goods and illegal aliens over the New York and Quebec border across the St. Lawrence frozen river days before the Christmas holidays. Read the rest of the review here


Movie Review of new indie film release Boy A

Gerald writes today about upcoming indie film release “Boy A” directed by John Crowley

Directed by: John Crowley
Running time: 100 minutes
Release date: July 23, 2008 (NY) & July 25, 2008 (LA)
Genre: Drama
Distributor: The Weinstein Company
MPAA Rating: Not yet rated

Loosely based on the real life 1993 murder of the 2 year old boy named James Bulger in England, Boy A is a fictionalized story of one of the two young criminals who committed a similar horrific crime against a very young girl. Is it possible that 10 year olds can be considered sociopathic killers? If so, can they be rehabilitated? Read the rest of the review here

Review of new indies to be released this Friday- The Doorman movie review and Felon movie review

Gerald has written two new reviews of indie films to be released this Friday July 18th, The Doorman Directed, Written & Edited by: Wayne Price and Felon Directed & Written by: Ric Roman Waugh… and starring Stephen Dorff and Val Kilmer (hmm, we haven’t seen him for awhile, have we?)

Gerald’s review of Felon

Felon, is based on actual events and characterizes the very bad treatment at California’s Corcoran State Prison and how one man’s life is turn inside out. Read the rest of review here

Gerald’s review of The Doorman

In this clever fictionalized documentary, the filmmaker takes the audience on a guide through the legendary New York City club scene. The glamorous jet-set celebrity people need gatekeepers to maintain order and allow only the beautiful and suave to enter the swanky party venues. Read rest of review here

Reviews of two new indies- Harold movie review and August movie review

Check out Gerald’s brand new reviews of these two very recently released indies. Harold and August are both being released today July 11th.

Gerald’s reviews

Gerald’s Review of August

The writer of the screenplay for Savage Grace, Howard A. Rodman, has another film for 2008. In this contemporary narrative, he gives grace to a story of high finances, family ties and romance. Read review here

Gerald’s Review of Harold

It’s difficult for a middle age man to accept the fact that he is going bald. It’s even more worst for a young teenager to cope with this fact. Read review here