Take movie review by Gerald

Gerald check’s out Minnie Driver’s new film “Take” It comes out tomorrow.

Revenge has long been a tenet of Hollywood movies. Writer/director Charles Oliver didn’t feel the need to regurgitate a simple tale of loss and revenge. In this film he finds more room to explore the interesting idea of how much resentment and hatred can people consume? The film enters in the realm of forgiveness as a means of survival. Having nothing to do with whether or not someone deserves that forgiveness, but having everything to do with whether we as individuals need to forgive in order to move on in life.  Read Gerald’s review here


2 New short online animations at HDFEST

Marco and his Ball

View Marco and His Ball here its a great new animation by Emanuele Pavarotti. In October 2007 he moved from Milan to London, to work in the MOVING PICTURE COMPANY as an animator. His first project was THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN and he is currently working on HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE.

Life of Darlene online animation

View Life of Darlene here Life of Darlene was created on Maya/Fusion by one lonely girl (Adele Ng) in 2006. The short was created over a 5 month period and the characters are modelled after paintings created in Florence 3 years ago. Music created by Avrum Nadigel and Wilfred Lee.

KABLUEY Movie Review- a hit indie this Summer

We have a preview movie review of Kabluey, and it sounds like its going to be the Little Miss Sunshine of the Summer… time will tell…Kabluey movie review

Check out Gerald’s review of this independent film here