You may have missed the horror flick Quarantine, but not to worry, Stephanie has a review!

Director John Erick Dowdle doesn’t use the typical tactics to scare his audience.  There is no sinister music, no cats jumping out of corners.  Just the use of a hand held camera a la the hit The Blair Witch Project.  And the use of night vision hasn’t been this scary since Silence of the Lambs.  Your feet will be up on the seat and nail biting will ensue.  The interior of the apartment building adds to the creepiness.  Not your standard, cookie cutter decoration.


Review of Dexter Season 3 “Our Father”

Dexter is finally back on the air. Cherie takes a moment away from her sci-fi film watching schedule to review the first episode of Season 3.

Dexter really is one of the best shows not just on television now, but that has been on television in the last few years.  If you have missed the first two season you are in for a real treat and should get the DVD’s the next time you have a chance.  Dexter centers on a Dexter Morgan who works in the Miami Police Department as a scientist whose specialty is blood spatter patterns.  Oh and did I mention he was adopted by a police officer who is now dead?  Oh did I also mention that Dexter is a serial killer whose dad trained him to channel his blood lust for good?  Yeah, Dexter is that awesome.  The Season Three Premiere-“Our Father” picks up where Season Two left off and the quality has not slipped a bit.  Really, I can’t say enough good things about the show, if you are not watching it, check out the other 24 episodes from the first two seasons so you can enjoy what is bound to be a great third season.  Read review here

Movie review of Battle in Seattle Directed by Stuart Townsend

Directed by: Stuart Townsend
Running time: 1 hr. 39 mins.
Release date: September 19, 2008 (limited)
Genre: Drama and Politics, Action/Adventure and Religion
Distributor: Redwood Palms Pictures & THINKFilm
MPAA Rating: R

From November 29 to December 3, 1999, civil disorder plagued Seattle, Washington as the World Trade Organization (WTO) held its conference. WTO protesters campaigned for causes ranging from environmental issues to animal rights. Protests occurred each day by consumer advocates, labor unions, students, anarchists and pacifists- some became violent. Over 500 people were arrested. While there were no deaths, 89 people were hospitalized for injuries. On November 29, 2008, Mayor Paul Schell declared a state of emergency, resulting in a police action to enforce a limited curfew in part of downtown Seattle and mobilizing Washington State National Guard to keep the peace. The unrest delayed the WTO meeting by over 5 hours.  Read rest of review here