Movie Review of Burn After Reading

Rosie reviews Burn After Reading, the new film by the Coen Brothers.

The Coen Brothers are back!  I guess.  I mean, it says they are.  Right there on the poster: “A Film by Joel and Ethan Coen”.  So … can’t argue with that.  And yet, for some reason, I can’t quite shake the feeling that it’s more of a “technical back” than an “actual back”.  Like, remember when David Lee Roth reunited with Van Halen last year for a reunion tour, but, eh … it seemed like they were kind of just going through the motions?  Even the most die-hard Van Halen fans knew somewhere in their hearts that the band was, at best, just “technically back”.  The kind of return that exists almost entirely in semantics, but that in reality has a much emptier significance to it.   As opposed to being “actually back” like, for instance, when John Travolta reemerged from exile in Pulp Fiction and even though it wasn’t particularly hyped as his comeback, everyone recognized pretty quickly after seeing it that he was actually back. Read the rest of the review here


Coverage of The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s annual Latinbeat series

This week Gerald is doing some fantastic coverage of the great 2008 line-up at this week’s Latinbeat film series.

Coverage of Kill Them All:

The film Kill Them All is based on real life events. In the film, a Uruguayan human rights prosecutor in post-junta Montevideo, Julia Gudari (Roxana Blanco) must investigate her own family’s involvement in the country’s military past after the covered-up kidnapping of a notorious Chilean biochemical engineer. Read more here

Coverage of The Sky, The Earth and The Rain (Le Ciel, La Terre et La Pluie)

The Sky, The Earth and The Rain is intentionally slow, however stunning. This eerily beautiful film is set in southern Chile, where the landscape of isolation, driving rain, waving grasses and deserted seashores is the setting for a story about four people. Read the rest of the review here

If only the Star Wars fans had read “I, George Lucas Hate Star Wars Geeks and Losers” by the Robot

The Robot (our resident Robot from the future) just wrote a hilarious new review of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

By the time that Star Wars: The Clone Wars had hit movie theaters in 2008 most humans had lost all faith in their childhood hero George Lucas.  Years of repeated slaps to their overweight faces, had left most Star Wars fans well aware that George Lucas hated them.  This belief on the part of fans was later confirmed when robo-archeologists discovered Lucas’s secret autobiography and other sensitive papers in his last home outside of Beijing.  Lucas did indeed hate Star Wars fans and with a passion that was tremendous by any human standard.  Read the rest of the review here

Coming to theatres Friday “Frozen River.” We have a movie review by Gerald- will this be a future Academy Award recipient?

Wow, Frozen River, written and directed by Courtney Hunt, really sounds like it has phenomenal acting. Read Gerald’s advance review of this new indie film (it comes out August 1st) here.

Frozen River is the story of two women from different worlds with similar desperate circumstances who are lured by fast money. They become involved in a plan to smuggle illegal goods and illegal aliens over the New York and Quebec border across the St. Lawrence frozen river days before the Christmas holidays. Read the rest of the review here

Poetic movie review of “Brokeback Mountain” in the spirit of remembering Heath Ledger

Rosie checked out Brokeback Mountain and was inspired to write another movie review in verse this past week.

Can you keep a secret? Listen, just between you and me, some of my inside-inside sources are telling me that there might be a little buzz growing around Heath Ledger this year as an early Oscar favorite. But keep that under your hat, alright? Anyway, it all made me realize that I probably don’t really know enough about what kind of actor Heath Ledger really was. So I enrolled myself in the crash course and, lo and behold, pulled out a peach of a pick for the latest installment of the fantastically pleonastically named series, Movie Reviews of Movies For Grown Ups But That Are Written For Kids And That Rhyme Which Is How You Know They’re For Kids Even Though The Movies Are Inappropriate For Kids But That’s What Makes It So Ironic. Read the rest of the review here

For prior installments of Movie Reviews of Movies For Grown Ups But That Are Written For Kids And That Rhyme Which Is How You Know They’re For Kids Even Though The Movies Are Inappropriate For Kids But That’s What Makes It So Ironic, click here for There Will be Blood

Dan in Real Life on Blu-Ray

Dan in Real Life Movie Review

Check out Sara’s new review of “Dan in Real Life”

Blecch. Dan in Real Life is very blah. Let me just say, I love Steve Carrell. I loved him on The Daily Show, and I adore him in The Office. But I seem to have very lukewarm feelings about all of his films. To understand Carrell’s performance in Dan in Real Life , feel free to take Steve Carrell’s character Michael from The Office, make him really depressed to the point of being extremely uninteresting and then put him in a very big, also uninteresting, family. Voila! Let Dan in Real Life’s plot ensue… read the rest of the review here

NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS: A Second Rate Indiana Jones on Blu-Ray

Book of Secrets Movie Review

The first National Treasure with Nicholas Cage and company was an unexpected treat.  The film took its audience on a historical treasure hunt that was fun.  It was successful.  Not surprisingly, a sequel was made and National Treasure: Book of Secrets is the result.  Continue reading review here