Movie Review of Wanted

Wanted Movie Review

When I went to see Wanted, there was a ten year old there with his grandfather and I couldn’t help but wonder if halfway through if Grandpa had wished he’d chosen a different bonding experience.  Read Jason’s review here


Semi-Pro Movie Review- Now on Blu-Ray

Semi-Pro movie review

The first stage of grief is denial, and it’s a stage I’ve been in for a little while now when it comes to two of the stars of this movie.  Painfully, but perhaps for the best, Semi-Pro has finally forced me to accept the reality of the situation and face up to the two questions that, just a few years ago, I never would have believed I’d be asking myself but now are all too real:  Why is Will Ferrell still here, and why is Woody Harrelson not? Read rest of the review here

Persepolis Movie Review- Now on Blu-Ray

Although this visually intensive movie takes places in a world most people in Western society cannot truly understand, the film is chock full of themes and emotions that are universal. Continue reading Sara’s review here

persepolis movie review