Matthew Holleman,”Great Foundation” animated music video

This powerful and beautifully animated music video is directed by  Kieran Rynhart
This clip deals with the contrasts of death & life paradigms, isolation & human interconnection.
The story begins with a World War I styled pilot, who crash lands & is stranded in a desert wilderness. He begins a new journey. On his way he discovers & unifies other lost soldiers through music. They travel together to new living lands.



Film Review of Wanted starring Angelina Jolie

Check out Alan’s new review of Wanted here. He raises some very interesting points!

Wanted is a shocker.  I mean a real, legitimate shocker.  Now, you’re probably awaiting the punch line, but I do mean it.  While the film has some big time problems one thing is clear-director Timur Bekmambetov of Night Watch/Day Watch fame did an awesome job.  The budget on this film was somewhere around $70-$80 million but looks much more expensive.  This proper use of budget is truly evident when Wanted is compared to its big-budget brethren, such as this summer’s Iron Man or The Incredible Hulk.  Those films had budgets that were nearly double that of Wanted, yet felt cheaper, more video-gamish.  Wanted has a great look to it and some really fun action sequences-mindless and offensively stupid mind you, but fun action sequences.  The visual effects alone make Wanted worth seeing and the acting, considering the material, is actually okay.  So, good job Timur Read the rest of the review here

Coverage of The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s annual Latinbeat series

This week Gerald is doing some fantastic coverage of the great 2008 line-up at this week’s Latinbeat film series.

Coverage of Kill Them All:

The film Kill Them All is based on real life events. In the film, a Uruguayan human rights prosecutor in post-junta Montevideo, Julia Gudari (Roxana Blanco) must investigate her own family’s involvement in the country’s military past after the covered-up kidnapping of a notorious Chilean biochemical engineer. Read more here

Coverage of The Sky, The Earth and The Rain (Le Ciel, La Terre et La Pluie)

The Sky, The Earth and The Rain is intentionally slow, however stunning. This eerily beautiful film is set in southern Chile, where the landscape of isolation, driving rain, waving grasses and deserted seashores is the setting for a story about four people. Read the rest of the review here


Stephanie reviews the new comedy Pineapple Express

A comedy that will win you over with its stars, Pineapple Express is reminiscent of the days of Cheech and Chong.  James Franco is sweet and funny as the spacey pot dealer while Seth Rogen knows his straight man shtick.  The plot is silly but the funny moments help you forget that.  Gary Cole and Rosie Perez aren’t good villains and their muscle is kind of lame too.  But again, there are laugh out loud moments that almost make up for them. Read review here

If only the Star Wars fans had read “I, George Lucas Hate Star Wars Geeks and Losers” by the Robot

The Robot (our resident Robot from the future) just wrote a hilarious new review of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

By the time that Star Wars: The Clone Wars had hit movie theaters in 2008 most humans had lost all faith in their childhood hero George Lucas.  Years of repeated slaps to their overweight faces, had left most Star Wars fans well aware that George Lucas hated them.  This belief on the part of fans was later confirmed when robo-archeologists discovered Lucas’s secret autobiography and other sensitive papers in his last home outside of Beijing.  Lucas did indeed hate Star Wars fans and with a passion that was tremendous by any human standard.  Read the rest of the review here

Review of Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Woody Allen’s new film

Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a love-hate-love film which is characteristic of many Woody Allen movies. The film focuses on the complicated relationships between men and women, and is a combination of tragic and comic elements. Vicky Cristina Barcelona, tells the story of Vicky and Cristina (Rebecca Hall and Scarlett Johansson), two young Americans who decide to spend a summer in Spain.  Read the rest of the review here

Comparison of Hulk and The Incredible Hulk (Hulk 2.0) By Barry

Check our Barry’s astute comparison of Hulk and this Summer’s film The Incredible Hulk. He examines the differences…

The difficulty in reviewing The Incredible Hulk (or Hulk 2.0) is that the first Hulk film (Hulk 1.0) set the bar so appallingly low that the only real expectation was for the second Hulk movie not to suck quite as bad. In essence, we have a built-in curve rating system that I’m unable to ignore. Read the rest of the review here