El Hombre Tranquilo is a fun animation about a train wreck-just watch and see.

How can a train wreck be fun or funny?  Impossible you say.  Check out El Hombre Tranquilo by clicking here.



El Hombre Tranquilo online animation at HDFEST

El Hombre Tranquilo online animation at HDFEST


The Look of Love-A Very Cute Animated Short

The Look of Love is a really cute animated short available at HDFEST by Lindsey Thompson, check it out.

Very funny online animation- Drok’s Evil Agency Episode 1

Definitely check out this very funny, well-executed animation by Ehud Lavski

Click here to view

Fantastic animation clip- Jacob by Crackartoons studio

Isn’t this the coolest poster around? Here is the summary of the Jacob animated teaser (now up at HDFEST)

“A slight metallic noise, as of a barbed object dragged on the pave, can be heard in the peaceful roads of Pumpkinville. In this small provincial town, life is quiet like a stream in a prairie… but horror can come out from every fence cheerfully painted, every shiny manhole, or from the well-groomed hedges of the mansion just at the bottom of the street. He’s hungry, irresponsible and will never stop ‘till he gets what he wants… just to start again.” Watch the video here

New HD Animation- The Lighthouse by Sam Bradley

In this new fantastic High-Definition animation, a hapless robot tries to keep the lights from going out inside a lighthouse

Check the movie out here

A 3D Exploration of Picasso’s Guernica, revolutionary new animation by Lena Gieseke

A walk through Picasso’s Guernica when we discern the original painting in this three-dimensional reproduction we start to understand which features most significantly constitute the painting. Consequently, this three dimensional exploration of Picasso’s Guernica is an interesting technique for comprehending and appreciating the original masterpiece.

Watch this revolutionary movie here

2 New short online animations at HDFEST

Marco and his Ball

View Marco and His Ball here its a great new animation by Emanuele Pavarotti. In October 2007 he moved from Milan to London, to work in the MOVING PICTURE COMPANY as an animator. His first project was THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN and he is currently working on HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE.

Life of Darlene online animation

View Life of Darlene here Life of Darlene was created on Maya/Fusion by one lonely girl (Adele Ng) in 2006. The short was created over a 5 month period and the characters are modelled after paintings created in Florence 3 years ago. Music created by Avrum Nadigel and Wilfred Lee.