El Hombre Tranquilo is a fun animation about a train wreck-just watch and see.

How can a train wreck be fun or funny?  Impossible you say.  Check out El Hombre Tranquilo by clicking here.



El Hombre Tranquilo online animation at HDFEST

El Hombre Tranquilo online animation at HDFEST


The Look of Love-A Very Cute Animated Short

The Look of Love is a really cute animated short available at HDFEST by Lindsey Thompson, check it out.

A 3D Exploration of Picasso’s Guernica, revolutionary new animation by Lena Gieseke

A walk through Picasso’s Guernica when we discern the original painting in this three-dimensional reproduction we start to understand which features most significantly constitute the painting. Consequently, this three dimensional exploration of Picasso’s Guernica is an interesting technique for comprehending and appreciating the original masterpiece.

Watch this revolutionary movie here