El Hombre Tranquilo is a fun animation about a train wreck-just watch and see.

How can a train wreck be fun or funny?  Impossible you say.  Check out El Hombre Tranquilo by clicking here.



El Hombre Tranquilo online animation at HDFEST

El Hombre Tranquilo online animation at HDFEST


The Look of Love-A Very Cute Animated Short

The Look of Love is a really cute animated short available at HDFEST by Lindsey Thompson, check it out.

Sebastian’s Voodoo-High-Definition Animation Gem From Paraguay

Sebastian’s Voodoo is a slick animation that is both creepy and sweet at the same time.  Definitely check out this high-quality animation.   


A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death.

“Asbestos Little Monkeys” High-Definition Music Video from Plastic Kills Wildlife

“Asbestos Little Monkeys” High-Definition Music Video from Plastic Kills Wildlife can be viewed either in high-def (obviously) or in smaller standard definition.  Click here to see the entire video.

Scary music video for “Fashion Freak ” by Naked Ape & Zombieduck Films

Here is a music video that is just perfect for Halloween.  “Fashion Freak” will give you your zombie fix.  So turn out the lights and enjoy this Halloween treat!  Click here to get the shock of your life.

“Little Black Dress” HD music video by Candy Bullet-Cool Visuals

Little Black Dress by Candy Bullet is a music video available in High-Definition at HDFEST.  The video is visually intense and dynamic with a lot of interesting animation, bluescreen work and visual effects.  CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE.

Matthew Holleman,”Great Foundation” animated music video

This powerful and beautifully animated music video is directed by  Kieran Rynhart
This clip deals with the contrasts of death & life paradigms, isolation & human interconnection.
The story begins with a World War I styled pilot, who crash lands & is stranded in a desert wilderness. He begins a new journey. On his way he discovers & unifies other lost soldiers through music. They travel together to new living lands.