Looking for some good animation, Gerald reviews a new flick that might be what you are looking for, just click here to read the entire review.

If you are a person who enjoys philosophical anime with a dash of a David Lynch style postmodernism filmmaking, you will get a kick out of this Japanese submission for the 2008 award list. This is not your average childish anime, but a complex adult arthouse movie that will leave you thinking once the film concludes. It moved me in a mysteriously good way.



This new film adaptation comes from the truly superb 1980’s novel by Jeane DuPrau entitled The City of Ember. City of Ember takes in the dark underground city of Ember, a decaying place with no natural light surrounded by the vast unknown. It is always night, where there is no moon or stars and the only light during regular twelve hour days is from floodlamps casting dim glows over the city’s streets.  Read Gerald’s entire review here.

Movie Review of THE X-FILES: I Want To Believe to be released tommorow, July 25th

Gerald gives us a review and great first glimpse into the new movie The X-Files: I Want to Believe

The X-Files television series premiered on FOX on September 10, 1993, the plot chronicled the lives and adventures of Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), two desperate FBI agents assigned to investigate cases that involved the paranormal and supernatural.The show was as much of a phenomenon abroad as it was in America. In 2002, the show had its ninth and final season (and it already had a 1998 feature film released based on the series.) As a fan, I followed the television show and enjoyed the first film. This long-anticipated sequel reunites the original co-stars, director and writers in a eerie suspenseful masterpiece of a thriller. Read the rest of the review here

WALL-E is about Robo-empowerment

New WALL-E  Movie review by The Robot at HDFEST

WALL-E Movie review by a robot

Human cinema, clearly faced peaks and valleys in terms of quality.  Most robo-historians feel that the WALL-E series of films marked one of the highlights of human cinema as humans began to realize that robots were their superiors and eventual replacements. Read the rest of The Robot’s WALL-E Movie Review here

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Hancock Movie Review- There’s a good chance this movie is going to take an undeserved beating from the critics

Hancock Movie Review

Check out Jason’s brand new review of Hancock

When it comes to comic books, the ones that really get my attention generally have a deconstructionist slant to them.  That is to say, I like it when you take what people expect from your typical super hero and spin it around on me.  So when I heard that Hancock was about a super powered drunk who’s a bit of a prick, well my interest was pique. Read the rest of Jason’s Hancock Review here