Looking for some good animation, Gerald reviews a new flick that might be what you are looking for, just click here to read the entire review.

If you are a person who enjoys philosophical anime with a dash of a David Lynch style postmodernism filmmaking, you will get a kick out of this Japanese submission for the 2008 award list. This is not your average childish anime, but a complex adult arthouse movie that will leave you thinking once the film concludes. It moved me in a mysteriously good way.



This new film adaptation comes from the truly superb 1980’s novel by Jeane DuPrau entitled The City of Ember. City of Ember takes in the dark underground city of Ember, a decaying place with no natural light surrounded by the vast unknown. It is always night, where there is no moon or stars and the only light during regular twelve hour days is from floodlamps casting dim glows over the city’s streets.  Read Gerald’s entire review here.

Stargate Atlantis-Seven Reasons It Sucks by Cherie

What is wrong with these Stargate people?  Oh come on, every now and again you ask yourself the same question.  It is puzzling that Stargate Atlantis has made it to 100 episodes.  More to the point is namely the bewilderment that is the entire Stargate Universe.  I love science-fiction, but Stargate just needs to go and in the process, hopefully make way for some other more deserving science-fiction.  Read the rest of this article here

Cherie Tackles Smallville Season 8-Odyssey

“Here is what you need to know” is really appropriate here-Smallville has been on the air too long. The ratings are basically awful as the show sits near the bottom of all network shows and the formula has just been done to death. The season opener tries to “reboot” the series as numerous characters have fled, I mean left, the show. Gone are Lux Luther played by Michael Rosenbaum, Lionel Luthor played by John Glover, Kara (aka Supergirl) played by Laura Vandervoort and long time Smallville staple Lana Lang played by Kristen Kreuk. Read more here.

Review of Fringe television show

Cherie reviews the new tv show Fringe from JJ Abrams. The opening episode had a 10 million dollar budget!

Fringe will not blow your mind and I don’t think you can walk away feeling that FOX received  $10 million dollars worth of bang for the first episode, but Fringe still delivers.  Most science-fiction junkies will probably feel that Fringe is a welcomed blast from the past.  What past?  Of well, the X-Files past of course, what else?  But not to worry, Fringe borrows from just about everyone in sight, yet does manage to weave an engrossing enough tale.  Read more here

If only the Star Wars fans had read “I, George Lucas Hate Star Wars Geeks and Losers” by the Robot

The Robot (our resident Robot from the future) just wrote a hilarious new review of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

By the time that Star Wars: The Clone Wars had hit movie theaters in 2008 most humans had lost all faith in their childhood hero George Lucas.  Years of repeated slaps to their overweight faces, had left most Star Wars fans well aware that George Lucas hated them.  This belief on the part of fans was later confirmed when robo-archeologists discovered Lucas’s secret autobiography and other sensitive papers in his last home outside of Beijing.  Lucas did indeed hate Star Wars fans and with a passion that was tremendous by any human standard.  Read the rest of the review here

WALL-E is about Robo-empowerment

New WALL-E  Movie review by The Robot at HDFEST

WALL-E Movie review by a robot

Human cinema, clearly faced peaks and valleys in terms of quality.  Most robo-historians feel that the WALL-E series of films marked one of the highlights of human cinema as humans began to realize that robots were their superiors and eventual replacements. Read the rest of The Robot’s WALL-E Movie Review here

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