Review of Brotherhood by The Robot

We have decoded yet another fine review from our resident robot from the future for the Showtime series Brotherhood.  Perhaps The Robot can persuade you to give it a try.  Click here here to bask in his brilliance-he forces us to say that.

Few human produced television series stand out more than Brotherhood.  Brotherhood, stood nearly undiscovered by the mass audiences of the day.  These brain dead drones were too busy watching C, D and even Z-level celebrities poorly dance for no reason in particular, than to watch this finely sculptured series.


Weeds-Season Four-Reviewed by Sara

Sara reviews Weeds, now in its fourth season and gives us some thought on the casting of the show and what worked and why.

I didn’t think I would like Weeds at first.  Now, that is not as weird as it sounds, as I have heard a lot of people express the same view, but Weeds grows on you.  Read Sara’s entire review here.

Weeds-Season Four Review-by Sara

Weeds-Season Four Review-by Sara

Californication Season 2-The Robot Tells All

The Robot is back and David Duchovny might need an ice pack just like his character Hank Moody did in the Season Two opener “Slip of the Tongue.”

A human must work very hard to “make” the Official List of Human Egomaniacs, but David Duchovny managed to pull off what was deemed as the near impossible and established himself as one of the most self-absorbed and egomaniacal actors of his generation…Californication is an unusually ego-driven piece of work even by Hollywood standards.  Read the full review here.