Colin Weighs in on The Dark Knight

Think there is nothing left to be said about The Dark Knight?  Oh think again.  Check out Colin’s review here.

(Also check back soon as we will have a Dark Knight Blu-Ray review as soon as possible.)

“The Dark Knight” is an exceedingly clever film.  Like Batman it is almost indestructible, satisfyingly tense, smart, allegorical, and action packed.  I grimace at the last statement because my tolerance for mainstream film action is so low that I don’t even expect it to be good, but “The Dark Knight” is.  But that’s because of the characters.


Batman: Gotham Knight-Six Awesome Little Tales

Batman: Gotham Knight is really six animated Batman shorts done by different directors with each having a different look.  Have I Got a Story for You, Crossfire, Field Test, In Darkness Dwells, Working Through Pain and Deadshot are the six chapters and there isn’t a weak spot in the bunch.  Read the entire review here.

Gotham Night

Batman: Gotham Night

New to Blu-Ray DVD- Batman: Gotham Knight

Barry reviews the new Blu-Ray release “Batman: Gotham Knight” just in time for the second weekend of “The Dark Knight” (sure to be another huge success)

I was one of many unfortunate souls who did not adequately anticipate the magnitude of “Bat-Mania” during the opening weekend of “The Dark Knight”. Tickets were sold-out all weekend long at my local theatre, and I was left on the outside, clenched fists raised in unmitigated angst as I cursed at no one in particular, and in true supervillain fashion, swore vengeance against the legions of innocent, better-prepared bystanders.

But then I remembered that I had the new cartoon Batman DVD to watch at home, and somehow that made everything slightly better. Read the rest of the review here

The Dark Knight movie review, “The Dark Knight-Rides Once More To Protect The Rich”

Alan just wrote a new review for The Dark Knight, and gives it a C+. Read his review here.

Wow.  The wow is referencing how shocked I am by the consistently awesome reviews of The Dark Knight that are floating all around right me now.  Many may read this review and say, “this guy is a negative jerk that just wants to go against the grain simply because he wants to show what a free thinker he is.”  Honest to God that is not the deal here.  I wanted to be as blown away as I was supposed to be, but it just didn’t happen.  Alright then, that said, The Dark Knight isn’t bad, its just not that great either.  Sorry, the latest Batman incarnation is not that great.  It does appear that, to some extent, a success con is being pulled- making people believe this film is a masterpiece before they even hit the seats.  Read the rest of the review here