Coraline Movie Review by Gerald. Check it out!

Gerald loves, loves, loves Coraline.  Read his entire review right here.  


Coraline is a wondrous and exciting children’s tale shown in 3D. Wondrous is only to be expected from the combination of film director Harry Selick (of The Nightmare Before Christmas) with Neil Gaiman’s book by the same title.





Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd movie review… oz in the future?

Check out Rosie’s new review of Sweeney Todd

I’ve had a theory/prediction about Tim Burton for a long time now, one that I’ve so convinced myself to be true in the retelling of it over time that I sometimes forget it’s based on absolutely nothing at all except my own wanting it to be true. For some reason, several years ago, I got it in my head that his entire career path is leading directly towards a blockbuster remake of The Wizard of Oz, and that it will be the greatest film I’ve ever seen. Read Rosie’s review of Sweeney Todd here