WALL-E is about Robo-empowerment

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WALL-E Movie review by a robot

Human cinema, clearly faced peaks and valleys in terms of quality.  Most robo-historians feel that the WALL-E series of films marked one of the highlights of human cinema as humans began to realize that robots were their superiors and eventual replacements. Read the rest of The Robot’s WALL-E Movie Review here

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“Pixar’s work is always top notch, but WALL-E is above and beyond what they’ve done so far. “

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Pixar’s work is always top notch, but WALL-E is above and beyond what they’ve done so far.  Finding Nemo was an amazing piece of work, but bringing Roger Deakins to help out is a stroke of genius.  Who’s better than the seven time Academy Award nominated and the Coen brother’s go-to cinematographer? Read the rest of the review here

Review of the new Pixar Animation WALL-E

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WALL-E Movie review

Here is a quote: “Has WALL-E been created and released to serve as some sort of pressure valve, a cathartic experience for an increasingly irritated and betrayed American and global populous? If you haven’t seen WALL-E yet you can’t appreciate how revolutionary the film happens to be. This is a major Hollywood release that is G-rated, kid friendly and very anti-corporate, very anti-processed food, and more than a little irritated with the current political climate. For just a brief 90-minute period I felt as though I was in bizarro universe where the so-called freethinkers of the 1960’s did not betray their beliefs, their children, and all the Veterans that fought for Democracy in World War II, but instead stuck to their guns and transformed Hollywood. This film is amazing, and for you frequent, loyal readers, you know I do not gush easily-hell hardly at all.” Read the rest here