Its Time for Part Two of Barry’s A Very Special Movie and Television Special List

Its time for part two of Barry’s Holiday favorites, check it out right here.

Here is a bit of what Barry has to say about Miracle on 34th street.

An eccentric, but jolly old man believes himself to be Santa, and in doing so, takes upon himself the familiar responsibilities, which logically, leads to his inevitable incarceration at the local mental health facility. This sparks the ageless battle between the cynic and the believer that has continued through our generation’s X-Files.


Semi-Pro Movie Review- Now on Blu-Ray

Semi-Pro movie review

The first stage of grief is denial, and it’s a stage I’ve been in for a little while now when it comes to two of the stars of this movie.  Painfully, but perhaps for the best, Semi-Pro has finally forced me to accept the reality of the situation and face up to the two questions that, just a few years ago, I never would have believed I’d be asking myself but now are all too real:  Why is Will Ferrell still here, and why is Woody Harrelson not? Read rest of the review here